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Bryan West

Bryan West

RockStar Realtor

Bryan Joined our team in 2017 with one year of real estate sales experience, and almost 4 years of real estate related industry experience. His favorite part about real estate is having the ability to meet people from all walks of life and get to be a part of one of the biggest transactions they will ever take part in. Bryan likes to know that he can make it a fun and memorable experience.

Bryan has a few things that he does that set him apart from other agents. He has a podcast that will help make understanding the real estate market much more attainable, called Market Watch Live.Bryan also has experience in industries that directly relate to real estate, including financial services, insurance and banking, giving him a wider grasp of the process of buying a home.

Bryan is a US Army vet of 5 years. This experience helps Bryan to understand the meaning of timeliness, professionalism and fidelity to his clients.

Bryan is married to his beautiful wife Maggie for 3 years, and has two daughters, Alison (2 ½) and Hannah, (2 Months). Bryan also has one dog named Matt, who was a rescue from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

In his spare time, Bryan loves to travel, and has been on 5 of the 7 continents. He is an avid book reader and enjoys learning new ways to better serve those around him. Bryan loves sports and enjoys watching rugby, football, and UFC.

Sunday is a day that Bryan holds dear as a chance to spend quality time with his family, rest and recharge for the coming week.