Our Goal is to Raise $5,000

The RockStar Group is on a mission to adopt a family in Louisiana that is in a big need for help and assistance with the rebuilding of their home.  The needs for the area will be huge and the area will take years to get back to "normal".  My family lost a home during Hurricane Katrina, and it is still a vacant lot, and all you can see from google earth is just a slab.  


Thanks to a good friend, and Keller Williams Agent, Tim Houk, he has helped our team discover a family that can really use some assistance getting their family back together again.  Their home had 4 feet of water and they had just completed an interior remodel that would have allowed them to get their home for sale.  The had to gut the property, remove the most of the sheet rock and now the repair process has begun.  They will need lots of help and because they did not have flood coverage, they are all out of pocket with this expense. Their area had never, I repeat, never had this much water, ever before.  This area was not in the 500 year flood plain.  This just goes to show you that this could happen to anyone.  

Our team just closed on a lot in Bender's Landing and with the approval of our buyer, we have started a fund with $500.  Our goal is to raise $5000 through our future closings to help offset some of the costs with materials, and then our team wants to spend a few days helping a family complete their home.  Seeing the photos of the area is heartbreaking, and a reminder that it takes a community to survive.  I have watched family after family come together in the area to lend a hand to a neighbor.   This is so encouraging.

It has been encouraging to see people getting together to serve meals, bringing big smokers to prepare large amounts of chicken and pork and vegetable.  The Cajun way of life is alive and well in Louisiana.  

Our Team is asking for your help.  If you have any interest in supporting our team and our mission to help a family in need, please let us know. We can add your donation to the top of our goal and create a positive and lasting impression that has had a challenging effect on so many.