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Fireworks in The Woodlands

Rick Raanes

The Rock Star Group’s philosophy is To Create and Preserve Wealth in Home Ownership...

The Rock Star Group’s philosophy is To Create and Preserve Wealth in Home Ownership...

Feb 7 3 minutes read

Not Allowed in The Woodlands


It is interesting to see how many people feel like fireworks are a good thing on New Years Eve.  I get it, let’s ring in the new year with some snap, crackle and pop.  Many ringing in the New Year want to bring it in with a BANG, however, we need to be reminded when and where they are allowed.

“Personal possession of fireworks within the city limits is illegal,” Conroe Fire Marshal Mike Legoudes said in an email. “We will have Fire Marshal’s Office personnel on patrol looking for illegal fireworks (during New Year’s Eve). Use or possession can result in citations being issued and/or confiscation of the illegal fireworks.”

According to Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams, fireworks aren’t prohibited in unincorporated parts of Montgomery County. His office asked residents to stay safe and offered up tips on how to use fireworks responsibly.

I don’t want to be the old guy who says that fireworks are dangerous, however, they really are.  I have watched young and old suffer some type of injury during what some would call casual fun.  I had a friend who had a bottle rocket literally shoot her eye out when she was 16.  The rocket didn’t shoot as planned and as she looked over the old glass coke bottle to see what happened, you guessed it… BOOM, right in her eye!  It wasn’t fun to witness.  I bet you know of or heard of a similar story about one not going off as planned and then, all of a sudden, you hear the screams of something gone terribly wrong..

Last year I saw a photo of the New York Giants defensive lineman Jason Peirre-Paul’s hand, after the fireworks explosion… Check it out.  It looks awful.  I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, so the best thing to do this New Years Eve is to either watch the excitement on television or catch some of the local parties in The Woodlands.  Need a list of things to do?  Here is the list!

Also, here are the list of communities that say no to fireworks.. Do you live in any of them?

Can I shoot fireworks in my city?

Conroe – NO

The Woodlands – NO

Montgomery – NO

Magnolia – NO

Willis – NO

Splendora – NO

Shenandoah – NO

Oak Ridge North – NO

Cut and Shoot – NO

Roman Forest – NO

Panorama Village – NO

Stagecoach – NO

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