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It is a flash Freeze in The Woodlands

Rick Raanes

The Rock Star Group’s philosophy is To Create and Preserve Wealth in Home Ownership...

The Rock Star Group’s philosophy is To Create and Preserve Wealth in Home Ownership...

Feb 7 3 minutes read

Frost Cryo Opens in The Woodlands on Research Forest

Frost Cryo opened recently at 1500 Research Forest Drive, in The Woodlands Texas.  What an experience.  It was awesome to climb into what is basically a big beer can and have them turn on the deep freeze.  This is a European treatment therapy that is a whole-body submersion to subzero temperatures. 

What you can expect~

  • Performance

The fastest method resulting in minimal recovery time and increased athletic performance. Reboot your metabolism and boost your stamina levels.

  • Chronic Pain

Renew your body's damaged tissues and find relief from chronic pain and illness including tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and much more.

  • Wellness

The intense cold during cryotherapy triggers collagen production int he deeper layers of your skin resulting in tighter skin, cellulite reduction, and stronger hair and nails.

The instant that the cold air hits you, you know you are in for a great 3 minute ride.  It was better than any roller coaster I have ever been on.  I would say that the adrenaline you feel afterwards is very similar to the rush of excitement after your first ride at Space Mountain in Disneyland.  


We made it through the 3 minutes and it was interesting.  I didn't know what to expect about how cold it was going to be and when I came out, I felt great and had an amazing boost of energy. I asked the owner, Jessica Frost, what she recommended on trips back and she said that they ask that you schedule two or three times per week to achieve maximum results to control any arthritis or muscle issue.  What happens is this, your blood flow starts ramps up to offset the cold and with your head above the unit and your body breathing in "warm" air, the feeling of being cold is not as bad as you might think.  It was cold, yet, 3 minutes was not that long to achieve something that you may have never felt before..  For more information about Frost Cryo and what they do for you, please visit their website,

Frost Cryo Video Promo

This service help out in so many ways and I can only imagine how this could help with my flexibility, and energy levels.  I appreciate both Scott and Jessica Frost on the opportunity to check it out and become a client.  

If you have any questions about Frost Cryo or Real Estate in The Woodlands area, The Texas RockStar Group is here to help.  We love to share our community with others, while supporting those who support us.  

Call us anytime at 281-960-1900.  We love to roll out the RED Carpet for our clients and as a token of apprciation, mention the RockStar Group to Frost Cryo and get your First Treatment on US~

Make it a Dynamite Day today~


Check our Frost Cryo in The Woodlands

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