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Kristen Fernandez

Kristen joined our team in July of 2016 as our Director of Excellence...

Kristen joined our team in July of 2016 as our Director of Excellence...

Sep 28 3 minutes read

Choosing a real estate team to work with may seem like a daunting task, but have no fear, the Texas RockStar Group is here!  We just wanted to take a moment give you a tour of our team and help provide a little bit of insight into what makes us rock!


We truly believe that the future of real estate is all teams, versus solo agents.  Why?  Well, having a team allows everyone to have a specialty and excel at their particular job. Your Listing Agent will be focused on selling your home, while your Buyer's Agent will be out with you, finding your dream home! We also have a dedicated marketing team that includes a Marketing Director and Transaction Coordinator.  We want to provide concierge service for you every step of the way!


The Texas RockStar Group started out as a family business. A huge goal of ours is to continue to display family values even as we grow larger and expand our team into different areas.  We take pride in treating all of our clients, team members, vendors, friends, and anyone who we come into contact with as family.  We have a sign in our office that says "No success in the world, can compensate for failure in the home."  We live by that mentality and make sure our team does the same!


Connection is huge for us!  Having a diverse group of personalities on our team allows our clients to form natural relationships.  We always want you to feel comfortable with your agent.  We find so much joy in hearing about our agents becoming lifelong friends with their clients.  It goes back to treating them like family and having their best interest at heart.  We want to connect with you and become friends for life!  Our client events are a great testament to this.  It's heartwarming to see the turnout and hear their stories.


Giving back where we live has always been extremely important to us. Over time, we realized that creating our own foundation would allow us to really focus on matters that are meaningful to us. In the summer of 2017, we created the Backstage Foundation to do just that! We hope that this can serve as an avenue to allow us and our clients to choose causes that mean the most to us and will allow us to serve together.  A few of the causes we've supported are the YMCA backpack drive, the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, Living Water International, Shoe Crew, The Montgomery County Food Bank, and Hurricane Relief. We have a lot of plans for the future and want to make a difference!

We hope that gave you a little bit of insight into what the Texas RockStar Group is all about!  We'd love to sit down with you, have a cup of coffee, and see how our team can help you and your family! Give us a call at 281-738-3777 or send us an email at [email protected]

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