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Quad Gold Year for the RockStar Group

Rick Raanes

The Rock Star Group’s philosophy is To Create and Preserve Wealth in Home Ownership...

The Rock Star Group’s philosophy is To Create and Preserve Wealth in Home Ownership...

Feb 7 3 minutes read

So many THANK YOU's need to be said to so many people that helped our team this past year.  2016 was a year of shifting markets and a shift in marketing that led to extreme team growth.  

Our group went into 2016 knowing that the year was going to be a tough one.  Oil prices were dropping and so were the prices of homes in a few areas and price points.  Sellers had to be more aware of the competition and our buyers were able to take a breath and actually think about the home they were purchasing vs just quickly making an emotional decision like years past.  


I would like to thank our outstanding clients for supporting our team in 2016.  Our mission for 2017 is to continue to create better systems to connect with you and to love on you even better than before.  


I would like to thank our many partners that have assisted our clients throughout the transaction.  You know how to take it to another level, and we are forever grateful.

Our team was able to help 76 families in 2016.  We are setting our goals even higher for 2017.  In our goal setting meetings in December, we determined that we could help 150 in 2017.  By helping 150 families, we can help our community continue to grow and give back to the many areas that need support.  

In 2016, due to the shifting market, our team added a coaching program called Club Wealth and this was the initial decision that helped us restructure our business to withstand the shift and to come out on top. 

Our coaches encouraged us to partner up with Curyator and change up our website.  I hope you are enjoying it, we love it.  Curaytor has been instrumental in helping us become better marketers of our listings, and helping our sellers get more money for their homes.  And now, we now have some amazing stories to tell our referral clients and our new clients about the success we have had helping our sellers get more eyeballs on their homes.  Those eyeballs also helped us to meet more buyers and help them find outstanding homes. 

Due to the increased activity on our site, we were able to add several additional RockStar Agents to our team, and we are now able to take even better care of our clients.  Our Number One Goal is to exceed your expectations.  

Party On~

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