Once again, fabulous question. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to both. A few pros to having a team on your side are an abundance of knowledge and situational expertise. Rick Raanes, our Listing Leader, became a realtor in 2004 and therefore has a cornucopia (try sprinkling that into your everyday vocabulary) of information to help you and our team members navigate through any situation. Another pro we have is 10x more visibility than most solo agents. Since we have a large team, we are able to share coming soon info, buyer needs, and just generally spread the word about your home being for sale. We also have the benefit of having specialized positions to take care of certain tasks. For example, who does your marketing? What about transactions? Will my realtor have enough time to spend with me or will they be busy worrying about other tasks? That’s the beauty of a team. We all have specialized fields, yet we help each other whenever needed. Your Marketing Director (hi) will be responsible for getting your photos scheduled, marketing your home, and generally being just an awesome person. We have a Transaction Coordinator who will work with you personally from contract to close. Our Agent and Client Services Manager will help to make sure you have all of the documents filled out properly and will be there anytime you need help! I could go on all day but I won’t. Just know that our team will take care of you. You and your home are important to every single member of our team, no matter who your agent may be!