Why EXP?

Our team's mission is to assist our clients in the process of buying and selling real estate.  During this process, we love to roll out the RED carpet.  Since our focus is the client first, we want to help our clients find real estate success by providing the absolute best experience that we can.  Our proven success systems align well with the business building model that EXP provides each and every one of the agents that become a partner in the company.   eXp Realty has now grown its family of agents and brokers across 49 states in the U.S., as well as Canada. The Company continues to attract top talent with its unique model that allows agents and brokers to build their own businesses while establishing a direct ownership interest the Company as a shareholder and partner.

"I am very impressed with the tools that I have seen so far.  What an opportunity to bring our systems of success into a platform that will help the agents on our team EXPlode in production."  Rick Raanes

The reason why eXp Realty is growing at an accelerated rate is due to the innovative business model – the nation’s first ‘cloud-based’ real estate company. EXP Realty agents benefit from friendly company splits, weekly live training, a collaborative online learning environment, dedicated marketing services, and revenue share growth incentives.  We are seeking to partner with the best realtors nationwide and empower our agents with the tools and support to sell listings, connect with more buyers, and win more clients for life. 


eXp Realty is a fast growing High Yield/High Return brokerage providing Real Estate Professionals with the tools needed to compete in a changing industry. Our goal is to provide the best available tools to our Agents and Teams with the support and infrastructure to use them effectively and efficiently. We offer a full suite of productivity and management tools as part of our Agent Benefits Package to create a productive environment to build your business. If you are looking to make a switch to a high tech, innovative Real Estate Company, then you need to look no further.

Make The Smart Move To A Smart Brokerage


This is not about a job. This is about building a career with the most forward-thinking real estate company. Whether you’re an experienced real estate agent, or you’re considering entering the field, you can build a solid, sustainable career with phenomenal earning potential, working with the most innovative real estate company in the nation. A career where you’re the driving force behind your success. Sound interesting? Ready to make an investment in your future? Want to start building a real estate career that can outlive you? You can with eXp Realty. We have unlimited opportunities for you, right here, in your own community, your own city… and beyond.
If you’re an established real estate professional, you’re going to love the difference eXp Realty offers. Your path to success comes with the full support of eXp Realty, and an income opportunity through company revenue sharing that is unmatched in the real estate industry. If you are looking for more reward from your hard work, and you have the drive and resources to take advantage of a massive opportunity, you may be the forward-thinking, entrepreneurial person we’re looking for.

Find out how others feel about the move to EXP:

Image galleryReal Life Real Estate is hosting Facebook Live Webinars with agents that have moved their business to our company and finding incredible success.   Our first episode was with Julie O'Dell from California. Watch her interview here!  We have interviewed many others, including Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Chad Hedrick.  Chad is running his Gold to Sold team powered by EXP Realty.

Five Reasons to Join...

  • 80% Commission Split to Start
  • Virtual Environment
  • Unlimited Technology and Tools
  • Revenue Share Plan
  • Low Company Cap of 16K to get to 100% Commissions paid to you.

Your Real Estate Business

With the eXp Realty real estate business model, both agent and the company succeed through teamwork, encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practices with each other and rewarding agents & brokers who help grow the company. These philosophies have fueled the growth of eXp Realty, moving past older more established brick-and-mortar real estate companies. eXp Realty has completely changed the game when it comes to “virtual.” EXP offices enable everything and more than an agent might be able to do in a traditional brick and mortar setting. Together, the agents learn, teach, share, transact business, and socialize in a space that has theaters and auditoriums, offices, libraries, web development rooms, a cafe, and more. Here, you will make friends and gain the insight of colleagues not just in your home state, but from across the country. The bottom-line business result is a cost saving that EXP Passes on gents by paying them more than virtually any other national brokerage in the country. Real estate brokerage offices everywhere right now are struggling to survive due to the combination of a down market, fixed and rising overhead costs, and a consumer who has more information at his or her fingertips than ever before. Offices are downsizing or going out of business entirely. At the same time and during the same period, eXp Realty has grown rapidly.  Since the launch in October of 2009, we are now in 49 states and will be nationwide before we know it. Our websites have achieved top organic rankings in markets where we’ve been active for 12-18 months and we’re increasingly drawing a larger share of the 90% of consumers who begin their search for a home online. We have attracted some of the best minds in real estate and some of the top producers from the biggest names in the industry.

Recently named a finalist by Inman News as the Most Innovative Real Estate Brokerage, eXp Realty is setting the pace for the future of real estate brokerages. By providing the best possible education, training and culture a real estate firm can offer, the company’s growth trajectory is phenomenal. I saw something extraordinary in eXp Realty. A truly innovative real estate business model that would be the pacesetter for all real estate brokerages in the future, yet the company was in operation today with the opportunity available today. So I jumped. 

eXp Realty is inherently different from all other real estate companies because it is the first cloud-based real estate brokerage, built from the ground up as a next-generation real estate brokerage. Brick-and-mortar offices are not needed, which means agents don’t waste time going to an office to get things done. It also means that the company isn’t spending hefty dollars on office space, staff, equipment, maintenance, utilities, etc. eXp Realty is ONE nationwide company, and everything is done online. So no independently owned and operated offices with redundant overhead, costs which eat heavily into broker profits, in the traditional brick and mortar brokerage model. As a result, eXp Realty is able to pass more revenue back to the agents who generate the income in the first place, which is accomplished through an outstanding commission plan AND a revolutionary revenue share plan that is amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose eXp Realty?

There are many reasons to choose eXp Realty as the place to run your real estate business, but training and education top the list. With XCamp, Cloud Camp, and Education Thursdays and access to your colleagues for real-time, anytime collaboration, you have a massive opportunity to take your business from surviving to thriving.

What if I am not "Techie" enough?

eXp Realty provides the tool and training to take agents with a desire to learn and grow to the level of success they are looking for.  All you need to do is "plugin".

I am comfortable where I am, why should I be open to eXp?

Some agents confuse being comfortable with being complacent, or scared/nervous about making a move. We understand that making a move can be daunting. It’s eXp Realty’s goal to make this transition EASY for you!

Does eXp have a physical office?

It's our business model to minimize bricks and mortar overhead in order to maximize agent and brokerage profitability.  We only have what is necessary to fulfill star regulatory requirements.  

How do I meet with Clients if I don't have an office?

Most agents meet their clients out in the field at their home, coffee shops etc. On the off chance that you need a boardroom, a quick call to your lender, escrow or title company will find an ample space sitting vacant for your use.

How much can I expect to earn in my real estate career?

Predicting income is difficult, but your earnings could be affected by sales ability, people skills, hard work, and market conditions. Also, take into consideration the cost and time necessary to establish a business that meets your individual expectations. Therefore, you should have sufficient capital to support yourself if your needs are not met as soon as you would like.

What does it cost to get started with eXp Realty?

$99.  That is it, just $99. This includes business cards, a great lead generating website and a cool contact management system.  Once you get started on selling, the commission split is 80/20 until you reach $16,000 in company dollar.  All agents start on an 80/20 split.  80% to you, 20% eXp. When the 20% to eXp reaches $16,000, your commission goes to 100% on all transaction you do until your anniversary year starts over again.  For the unlicensed agent, getting started can run you up to $1500 for the costs associated with getting started on getting your real estate license.

What type of Training is provided?

Training is where we set ourselves apart from the competition. All of our training takes place online in a ‘virtual office’ environment. eXp Realty’s training covers everything from contracts to lead generation to successfully managing your new business. With online resources, there will be no shortage of educational opportunities. You may also want to consider working with a mentor through eXp’s Mentor Program.

Can I set my own schedule?

As an independent contractor, you are free to do business on your own terms and are not required to work 75+ hours a week. The training eXp provides will teach you time management and how to successfully run your real estate business.

Where will I find leads/clients?

We have a saying at eXp Realty. “We don’t give you the fish; we teach you how to catch your own.” Lead generation is the key to being successful in the real estate industry, so it’s important to learn how to do it. We provide you with many different lead generation methods including Social Media, Blogging for Search Engine Optimization, working short sales, etc. Using these tools will ensure you are making enough contacts to be as successful as you want to be.

Can I work as a part-time agent with eXp Realty?

Although it’s not impossible, a part-time agent is not likely to be as successful as a full-time agent. Part-time agents usually are unable to attend training courses, sales meetings, and are not readily available to service their clients and customers. At eXp Realty we feel that our company gives you 100% of the tools, training, technology and managerial support needed to be a successful real estate agent. As a result, we expect a full time 100% commitment from you, the sales professional.

How Can I earn Revenue Share?

eXp founders created a fantastic way for the revenue to be easy to understand and easy to earn.  If you bring another real estate agent into eXp Realty, you will receive 3.5% of their gross commissions earned on their transaction.  This amount has nothing to do with the profitability of eXp for the month, quarter or year, just simple math.  Your revenue share check is based on a simple 3.5% of that agent's gross commissions.  If they were to sell a home for $400,000 and the commissions generated are $12,000, you would receive $420 in revenue share.  Pretty cool, huh.  this 3.5% is paid until they complete their $16,000 in fees to eXp Realty.  There is also a bonus structure that pays higher percentages based on the number of agents you attract to eXp Realty.  

Bring on 10 cappers to the company, and earn $28,000 in annual revenue share.  Encourage them to attract agents and then, the sky is the limit.  

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