Top 4 Home Trends for 2021

Top 4 Home Trends for 2021

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With 2021 peeking around the corner, lets talk about the top 4 home trends that are expected for the upcoming year! These can be added to your current home for as much or as little as you are looking to spend.  Sometimes finding one vintage piece or painting one wall can make all of the difference and spice up your home to your liking.  According to TrendDesignBook.com, here are trends you can expect for 2021:

          1. Naval Color Trend – Dark blues will add a contemporary elegance to any room

2. Light Woods – This will bring a natural  and airy aesthetic to any room

3. Statement Pieces – These pieces will be bold and add a certain uniqueness to any room

4. Natural Elements – Like the light wood, these bring a calming sense of peacefulness to a home


Here are a few more popular elements for 2021: 

Color: Grey

Popular Styles: Industrial and Modern Rustic


Which of these trends or styles are you most excited about incorporating into your home?

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